Footprints Ministry, Inc. was founded in 1992 after four bereaved mothers began meeting to share their pain and seek healing from God.

In 1994, an inspirational newsletter was started and went to about 20 families; now the newsletter goes to over 200 families and professionals in over 20 states. Some parents describe the quarterly newsletter as “their life-line.” The IRS recognized Footprints Ministry as a nonprofit organization in 1997.

Mrs. “Jerry” Jonas, one of the founders of Footprints Ministry, lost her two sons in a car crash in 1990. She lost her first husband to cancer in 1995. She met Skip Mudge in a Singles Again Sunday School. Skip lost a son to suicide in 1987 and his first wife died in 1994. After starting a ministry for widows at their church, they realized God had chosen them for each other and married in 1997. Together they continue Footprints Ministry and are expanding its outreach.

Realizing that the death rate for young people is very high in the metropolitan Charlotte area, especially due to drinking, the “CHOICES” program was developed, trying to help young people as well as convicted felons see the consequences of wrong choices. Skip & Jerry speak to junior high students, high school students, driver’s education students and teens in jail; many who vow never to drink after hearing his presentation. They have spoken at Elon College and Meredith College in North Carolina on “The Tragic Effects of Alcohol on Families.”

Please contact Skip & Jerry Mudge if there is a possibility that we can be of help to your church, Sunday school, youth group, grief support group, public school, or college.